We analyzed 1.3 million Glassdoor reviews to pinpoint which topics lead to the most negative reviews. Employees grumble about hundreds of topics, but only handful--we call them the "Toxic Five"--are associated with the most negative reviews.

The "Toxic Five" are when your culture is
-Cutthroat (employees actively undermine one another)

10% of all employees in the Culture 500 sample experienced their corporate culture as toxic.
-That translates to over six thousand employees in the average Fortune 500 company
-Even the healthiest cultures have pockets of toxicity, often linked to specific toxic managers.

In addition to the suffering it they cause for employees, toxic cultures create staggering bottom-line costs for companies
•Toxic corporate culture 10 times more predictive of attrition than compensation during the “Great Resignation” (Sull et al., 2022a)
•20% of employees have left a job because of toxic culture (SHRM, 2019)
•A toxic culture is the strongest predictor of a negative Glassdoor review (Sull et al., 2022b, Sockin, 2021)
•Three-quarters of the most disengaged employees are looking for a job, and their lost productivity costs their employer 18% of their salary each year (Gallup, 2021)
•Employees who view their workplace as unfair are 35% to 55% more likely to suffer from major disease (Goh et al, 2015)
•Unethical culture associated with lower financial returns (Guiso et al., 2015)

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